I ‘m Jessica! I’m on a mission to turn my health around. I was raised on the Standard American Diet and didn’t know any other way of eating. I never knew why I always felt horrible. I thought the green beans in TV dinners were enough. I never ate fruit, all of my carbs were simple and my protein came from fast food bag. Growing up, I struggled with my weight. I lost 30 lbs. when I was 18. I ate healthy and was in shape. Then, adulthood came. I graduated from my online high school, and went from part- to full-time at the job I had. I started college, and had to sacrifice my training to be able to do school and work full time. I fell back into my SAD habits. Here I am, 7 years later, doing it again. I have to rebuild from nothing. In fact, I became more out of shape during early adulthood than I was as a teenager.

Through this outlet, I will be sharing my health journey. I will share recipes, some workouts, insights I wish I knew years ago, helpful e-books, and more!