2021 Vegetable Garden!

I may have given up on taking care of my health back in 2013-2014, but I never gave up on gardening. It started as a way to save money. If I eat ____ every day, I’ll save money if I grow it! Now that I’m older, wiser and plant based, it has turned into much more! Gardening has been one of my favorite activities, it is very therapeutic and I can get some much needed sun in. I can really connect with my food because I know exactly where its coming from, what kind of creatures come in contact with it, and what is and isn’t being sprayed on it. You’re creating a little plant life to fuel your own. The great thing about plants is that they reproduce themselves (sometimes with the help of external pollinators like bees, bugs, animals and wind) in the form of seeds or parts that can be grown (example: green onion). It is a magical experience, not to mention the flavor! You may never buy a tomato from a grocery store again after eating one you’ve grown. I personally don’t, I will wait all winter to eat tomatoes.

I always look forward to starting my annual garden, its what takes me “out of hibernation”.

February 21st, I planted kale, spinach, zucchini (I’m very early), bell pepper, tomato and cucumber!

February 27, 2021.

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