Room-By-Room Guide DISCLAIMER

I’d like to kick off the start of the guide with a disclaimer.

  • You do not have to incorporate these swaps into your life, I am just putting some ideas out in the open for anyone who is curious about reducing their impact.
  • Everyone has a different situation, so find the swaps that fit with your life, budget, and ability.
  • Budget: I am sharing links to many items, and the initial cost may seem steep at first. Let’s say we pay $4 for 500 cotton swabs, and one reusable one costs $10. The reusable swab is supposed to replace the single-use ones and will start paying for itself after several hundred uses. On the bright side, you may never have to buy reusable swabs again!
  • A lot of items I will link will be from Earth Hero. I am not affiliated, I just really like their products and the way they package orders. They use paper and don’t use too many packing materials.
  • A lot of swaps will require you to carry more items on your person, try to get into the habit of having some of these items on hand: Reusable water bottle, coffee cups, tissues, cutlery (if the place you plan on eating at does not have silverware or you’re getting takeout), feminine hygiene products. I really like my jansport “half pint” backpack, its big enough to fit these items and still have room for my phone, wallet, keys, chico bags, etc. If I don’t need to bring many items with me, I can fit my 32 oz water bottle in it.
  • I am not perfect. I am nowhere near “zero” waste, nor am I strict with the swaps I use. A lot of these swaps are ideas that I have either tried, implemented, or have looked into and plan on implementing in the future.
  • I may miss a lot of swaps and behavior changes. This guide is based on my experience (which will definitely differ from yours). There may be very basic ones I don’t have, and some might be very advanced.
  • Everyone’s lifestyle and journey are different.
  • This is all about sharing simple ways that people can make a change in their lifestyle to improve the health of the planet and themselves (by using non-toxic reusable versions of toxic single use items eg. tampons).

The lifestyle change should be fun and come from a place of love.

With this out of the way, let’s get started! I’ll see you in room #1!

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