People Who Track Daily Food Intake Have a Better Chance of Losing Weight

If I could pick one eating habit to consistently stick with, it would be tracking food intake. No, not counting calories. When someone tracks their intake, they are looking at the bigger picture. Macronutrients, micronutrients, fiber, water, where the calories come from (not how many). When you start a fitness journey, one of the first steps is to log everything you eat. Portions have increased over the years, so what we think is one serving, might be two or three servings. “If you’re not counting calories, why does it matter? Wouldn’t it be a good thing to eat two or three servings of fruits or vegetables at once?” If you have specific body composition goals, you need to take the “calories in vs. calories out” equation into consideration, but what I have in mind is volume of food. This is what I have learned about myself while trying to “deal with” over eating.

“Eat more, lose weight!” They said. Cool, I’ll make my meals from mostly calorie-dilute foods. For me, eating large volumes of food with not enough calories led me to eat more food because I can’t trick my body into thinking I’m eating more nutrients than I’m giving it. Even though more servings of healthy foods can be a good thing, make sure you are feeding yourself vitamins, minerals, fiber, and not just water. After failing my attempt at learning how to eat calorie-dilute foods, I started tracking what I ate on a normal day. By serving size and weight, I was eating way too much. I was eating twice or three times the serving size of everything. I practiced portion control while tracking what I was eating – I hit my daily nutrient goals with less food. I’m not saying you need to eat less, I’m saying you need to look at what nutrients you’re putting in because you might not be lacking the vitamins that you *think* you are. For me, one example was Vitamin C. I took a vitamin C supplement daily until I learned, through tracking my food intake, that bell pepper has the daily amount of vitamin C! When you see what’s going in, you can adjust your food intake to the almost perfect amount your body needs to do what you need it to. Tracking what you eat can help you lose weight because you can see how much food it really takes to feel full. It helps you be more mindful about what goes in your body.

I have a printable weekly planner template that is perfect for getting started with tracking food. I have been using it for several weeks and it has helped me immensely! It has a weekly agenda to write down foods, a grocery shopping page that breaks down different food groups. It does have items like “meat” and “dairy,” I just write in my fake meats and dairy alternatives. It even comes with a recipe template, so you can have a reference for an awesome dish you made! The best part? You can print out as many copies of each page as you want!

Have you tried tracking food intake? Let me know!

7 thoughts on “People Who Track Daily Food Intake Have a Better Chance of Losing Weight

  1. I try to do this. Especially with carbs and salt.

    This was a pretty huge discovery… looking at the daily value of sugar in a single can of Coke.. 75%! I’ve been much more observant since I’ve learned how to track these things.

    I’m also not trying to bother you, I get caught up reading lol..

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    • Its crazy how easily we can go over our daily limit on certain macros/ingredients. I’m the same way with carbs, a lot of plant-based proteins are also high in carbs.
      You’re not bothering me! I love the interaction and feedback!

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      • Good! I need someone to talk to to help me stay on track lol! I’m making my attempt at healthy living.

        My tracking started a couple years ago when I started lifting. Of course, the first thing I went for was supplements and protein shakes. I was taking these horse pills called Animal Pak. And nobody told me to take lots of fiber when partaking of protein shakes… 😳

        Anyway, I got to thinking about how the Animal Pak was working for me. So I started researching the ingredients of the supplement… come to find out, some ingredients were actually harmful!

        I learned about food colorings that contain carcinogens… Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellow 5 and 6…. harmful! Now of course, they don’t do damage immediately. But prolonged consumption makes them harmful. And if the average person doesn’t think about what’s in supplements or anything like that, normal things are less suspicious.

        I learned that it all goes back to the 5 food groups and what we eat and moderation. We get just as much nutrients and they’re much healthier!


      • I’m just getting started with changing to a healthier lifestyle! That’s one reason I started this blog, to reach out to others in the same boat as me.
        Oh yeah, those kinds of supplements are good for expensive pee and health issues. The worst part about foods that contain ingredients like those are engineered to be addicting (Here’s an article I read in college, my nutrition professor shared it with me: They’re pushed on us as normal, and when you go back to eating whole foods, you’re looked at as insane. Also, a lot of those colors can come from plants! We can still have our “artificially colored” foods without the damage!

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      • The issue with the CEO’s is that they mass produce that mess but never eat it nor their families… perks of wealthy elitism…

        If you don’t me talking too much, we can share our healthy experiences.

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      • Awesome!!

        I’m chomping at the bit for daylight savings time… I want to get back into running. I was doing 2.5 – 3 miles pretty well around Thanksgiving. But then winter finally came I don’t have much daylight… go to work in the dark and come home in the dark…. 😒

        I’ve also changed up on soap. Once again, studying ingredients… I’ve been using pine and tea tree fragrance from the Vermont Soap Company. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect but I feel better!


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