Spicy Asian BBQ Sauce Recipe!

This BBQ sauce is tangy and spicy, with hints of sesame and garlic. Its 3 basic sauces mixed into one. Its perfect for cauliflower wings or fake chicken.


  1. Your favorite Teriyaki sauce (Use island style to make sauce sweeter.)
  2. Your favorite BBQ sauce (Kinders has a lot of BBQ sauces that are good for this recipe.)
  3. Frank’s Original Redhot (or any vinegary hot sauce.)
  4. Fresh or granulated garlic (optional.)


In a large bowl, pour about 1 part of each sauce. You can add more or less of any sauce. I like to make it 1 part teriyaki and BBQ with 1½- 2 parts Frank’s to give it a little heat. Add garlic and any desired seasonings.

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